Pursuant to Article 10 of Spanish Law 34/2002 on the Information Society Services and e- Commerce, we hereby inform users of our identity details:

Registered office: C/ Doctor Aiguader, 88 planta -1, Edificio PRBB, 08003 Barcelona (Spain)
Spanish company tax ID no.: B66677519
Telephone: + 93 316 09 81
Email: irab@irab.cat
Website: https://www.irab.cat

Registration details: Registered with the Companies’ Registry of Barcelona, volume: 45225, folio: 133, page: 480952, registration: 1. Date: 22 February 2016


As the organisation responsible for the website, INSTITUT DE RADIOFARMÀCIA APLICADA DE BARCELONA SL (hereinafter also referred to as IRAB) makes this document governing the use of the website https://www.irab.cat available to users, in compliance with our obligations under Spanish Law 34/2002 on the Information Society Services and e-Commerce (LSSICE or LSSI), and informs users of the terms of use of the website.

With this website, INSTITUT DE RADIOFARMÀCIA APLICADA DE BARCELONA SL allows users to access and use the different services and content available on the website.

By accessing the website, you become a user of the website (hereinafter the User) and fully and unreservedly accept all the terms set out in this Legal Notice and in all other legal provisions that apply.

The User should read this Legal Notice carefully each time they access the website as it may be amended by IRAB without notice. IRAB is entitled to change any information that appears on the website without prior notice and the mere publication of the amended Legal Notice on the IRAB website shall suffice.


2.1 The website may be accessed and used free of charge

The provision of services by INSTITUT DE RADIOFARMÀCIA APLICADA DE BARCELONA SL is free for all Users.

2.2 User registration

In general, the rendering of the services does not require prior subscription or registration of User. Nevertheless, INSTITUT DE RADIOFARMÀCIA APLICADA DE BARCELONA SL requires that the User complete a registration form before being able to use some of the services. Registration will be completed in the manner expressly indicated in the relevant service section.

2.3 Truthfulness of the information

All information provided by the User shall be truthful. For this purpose, the User warrants that the data entered in the service subscription forms are real. It is the User’s responsibility to ensure that the data they provide INSTITUT DE RADIOFARMÀCIA APLICADA DE BARCELONA SL are up-to-date and truthful. In any event, the User is solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements they make and for any subsequent damage caused to IRAB or third parties.

2.4 Obligation to make proper use of the website

The User shall use the website in accordance with the law, this Legal Notice, and the principles of public morality and decency. Accordingly, the User shall not use the website for purposes which are unlawful, prohibited, infringe or violate the rights and interests of third parties or which could in any way damage, disable, overload, disrupt or prevent the normal use of the computer systems, documents, files and all types of content stored in any of IRAB’s computer systems.

In particular, and merely indicative and not exhaustive, the User undertakes not to transmit, disseminate or make available to third parties information, data, content, messages, graphics, drawings, image and audio files, photographs, recordings, software and, generally, any material which:

(a)       is contrary to, undermines or violates the fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in the constitution, international treaties and other agreements;

(b)       leads to, incites or encourages criminal, degrading, defamatory or violent activity or which is generally unlawful, corrupts public morality or outrages public decency;

(c)       leads to, incites or encourages action, attitudes or thoughts that are discriminatory on the basis of sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or personal or social conditions or circumstances;

(d)       contravenes the right to honour, and to personal and family privacy and self-image;

(e)       damages the credibility of IRAB or third parties in any way, and

(f)        constitutes illegal, misleading or unfair advertising.


IRAB accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the information published on the website when the information has been manipulated or entered by a third party.

The website has been checked and tested to make sure it is working properly. In principle, it can be ensured that it will work properly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, IRAB cannot guarantee that it is completely free of programming errors, or that force majeure events, natural disasters, strikes or similar events, which would make it impossible to access the website, will not occur.

INSTITUT DE RADIOFARMÀCIA APLICADA DE BARCELONA SL gives no warranty and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage of any kind that may be caused by the unavailability, maintenance or effective operation of the website, its services or content; for viruses or malware present in the content; for their unlawful, negligent or fraudulent use, or use that violates this Legal Notice and the terms of use; or for the unlawfulness, quality, reliability, usefulness and availability of the services provided by third parties and made available to Users of our website.

IRAB accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any damage arising from the illegal use or misuse of this website.


This website may use cookies (small data files sent from a server to the user’s computer when they visit the website) to perform certain functions that are essential for the proper operation and display of the website. In any event, the cookies used are temporary and deleted at the end of the session, and are only intended to make the browsing experience more effective. Under no circumstances will cookies be used to collect personal data. For more information, see our Cookies Policy. (ENLACE)


The User may be redirected from this website to third-party websites. Because we cannot always control the content entered by third parties, IRAB accepts no responsibility whatsoever for this content. In any event, IRAB shall immediately remove any content that might contravene national or international legislation, corrupt public morals or outrage public decency, in addition to the links to the websites, and report the infringing content to the competent authorities.

IRAB accepts no responsibility for the information and stored content that may be included, but not limited to, in forums, chats, blogs, comments, social media and any other media that allows third parties to publish content outside IRAB’s website. Nevertheless, in accordance with articles 11 and 16 of the LSSICE, IRAB places itself at the disposal of users, the authorities and law enforcement agencies, and will actively collaborate in the removal and, where necessary, blocking of content that might affect or contravene national or international legislation, the rights of third parties, corrupt public morals or outrage public decency. If the User believes that certain content could be classified as such, they are requested to notify the website administrator immediately.


IRAB is firmly committed to complying with data protection regulations and ensures full compliance with the obligations laid down therein, as well as the implementation of the security measures provided for in the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the Spanish Data Protection Law. For more information, see our Privacy Policy. (ENLACE)


The website, including, but not limited to, the programming, editing, compilation and other elements necessary for its operation, and the designs, logos, texts, photographs and/or graphics are the property of IRAB or, where applicable, the latter has been granted a licence or express permission to use them by the owners. All content on the website is protected by intellectual and industrial property law.

Irrespective of the purpose for which they are intended, their reproduction, in whole or in part, use, distribution or public disclosure shall require IRAB’s prior written consent. If the items are used without IRAB’s prior permission, it will be considered a serious breach of intellectual and industrial property rights.

The designs, logos, texts and/or graphics that do not belong to IRAB and which appear on the website belong to their respective owners and the latter are responsible for any dispute that may arise in relation to these items. In any event, IRAB has obtained the owners’ express prior consent to use them.

IRAB recognises that the owners hold the intellectual and industrial property rights thereto, and the mention or inclusion thereof in the website does not mean that IRAB has any rights or liabilities in relation to the items, or that it endorses, sponsors or recommends them.

The User may use the email indicated above to report any possible infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights or of the content of the website.


Any disputes or issues that arise in relation to the website or the activities carried out on the website will be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Spain, and the parties expressly agree to submit any disputes that arise in relation to or in connection with the use of the website to the courts of Barcelona.