Research and Innovation area


The bioregion of Catalonia is one of southern Europe’s reference biomedical hubs. It boasts an excellent healthcare infrastructure, with 15 major hospitals and 80 research centres distributed throughout the territory.

Twenty percent (20%) of the biotechnological industry and 47% of the pharmaceutical industry in Spain is located in the bioregion of Catalonia. In this regard, the Institute of

Applied Radiopharmacy of Barcelona (IRAB) provides an important technological infrastructure for the healthcare services and for research carried out in Catalonia.

Commitment to research and innovation in radiopharmacy is one of the IRAB’s founding principles, with the clear objective of working with the region’s biomedical organizations to develop and provide latest-generation radiopharmaceuticals capable of improving patient care and quality of life.


Radiopharmaceuticals of the future

The IRAB possesses an extensive portfolio of products in the development pipeline for different medical applications. The IRAB’s steadfast collaboration with physicians and investigators that require radiopharmaceuticals means that its commitment to innovation is closely linked to healthcare professionals’ present and future needs.

To complement its portfolio of radiopharmaceuticals authorized by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS) for use in clinical practice, the IRAB has entered into a number of national

and international agreements to act as a reference laboratory in the production and supply of different radiopharmaceuticals classified as “investigational products”.

The IRAB leads innovation in the radiopharmaceuticals of the future in the region, working alongside world-renowned scientists and physicians.

Clinical Trials

Radiopharmaceutical partner

Over 50% of all clinical trials in Spain are carried out with the participation of Catalan centres. In this regard, the IRAB participates as a technological partner in the production and supply of the radiopharmaceuticals required for the clinical trials in the different hospitals throughout the territory.

The IRAB works with different international Contract Research Organizations (CROs) as an institution specialized in radiopharmaceuticals for the conduct of clinical and nonclinical trials. The high degree of specialization required, and the IRAB’s ideal position in Catalonia’s biomedical ecosystem, are decisive in the optimum coordination of studies with radiopharmaceutical requirements.

Partnering and collaborations


The IRAB enjoys the honour of the scientific and medical collaboration of leading professional experts in nuclear medicine and imaging diagnosis.

The bioregion of Catalonia employs world-renowned investigators and physicians in biomedicine. Oncology and neurology are the two medical areas of maximum excellence and great international recognition within the sector. In this regard, the IRAB’s participation

is focused on strategic research projects, contributing added value from the radiopharmaceutical perspective.

Collaboration and participation in oncological and neurological projects are but one example of the IRAB’s commitment to biomedical research in Catalonia.

In addition, the IRAB has an advisory committee comprised of experts with a solid professional background and standing that afford a strategic and future-oriented vision, with a clear objective: patient benefit.